“Light Columns” - 2009, 123”x18”x18”, slumped glass block, stainless steel, LEDs


 In May of 2009 my proposal for an outdoor installation of two glass “Light Columns” in a sculpture park was accepted by the Griffiss Land Development Corporation in Rome New York.  The project was managed by Sculpture Space which runs a non-profit artist’s residency program in Utica New York.  I had worked as an artist in residence at Sculpture Space in 1985 so I had received a call for proposals for the Griffiss Sculpture Park.  I completed the two ten foot high glass columns working in my studio in California.  The columns were shipped in sections for permanent installation in New York at the end of August.  Both columns have custom made LED light fixtures which are installed inside of the stainless steel bases and illuminate the glass at night.  The columns are made of one inch thick glass block or “dalle” glass which I had to slump over a mold inside of a kiln to create the curved shape.  The curved blocks were used to make rings which could be stacked up to form the columns.  The columns are constructed with a structural silicone adhesive which is rated for outdoor use.  I was extremely pleased to see these glass columns installed in an outdoor setting.  For more information about the Griffiss Sculpture Park and Sculpture Space please follow this link: