Mark Abildgaard
Kiln cast glass sculpture

The sculpture I create reflect the inner energy of life. The figurative images in my work give me the inspiration to create forms that are connected to the human experience. By using a figure as a starting point in my work I am able to explore the subtle nuances in each form that will ultimately define the final image. In making sculpture I seek to achieve a balance between line, volume, texture and color. Because I work in clay to create the original work I am able to focus on developing form and texture without the distraction of color. One of the challenges of using glass as a sculptural material is to find a way to work with color and light that will not detract from the original idea. The nature of glass allows adding an incredible power to the sculptural image by reacting with light. I create work that will be enhanced by this unique characteristic. I use simple forms to represent faces, bodies, heads. I am trying to find archetypical images which are not cultural specific. In working with these images I am seeking a way to combine ancient forms and my own life experiences. I strive for my work to represent this connection to the past.